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What can I do to fix my squeaking floors?

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My floors are all squeaking, what can I do to fix my squeaking and creaking floors?

Some of them have ceramic tile floors and some of the tiles have come loose or cracked, but I'm sure more will as the floors keep on moving.

Some of the are covered with wall-to-wall carpeting.

In my bedroom, as I walk across the floor, a wall on the other side of the room creaks, too.

Help me Guru, Help!
Tough one to repair. First you would need to see how thick the sub floor under the tile is, It needs to be 1 1/4" thick MINIMUM. That means the typical house being built has 3/4" sub flooring glued and screwed or nailed to the floor joists. On top of that there should be 1/2" Wonderboard, Durock or Permabase cement board set with latex modified thinset to the sub floor.

There is another product called Ditra from Schluter. You can check out the Schluter site for info on Ditra www.schluter.com .

If all is well with the thickness of the floor, then you would need to check out the deflection rating of the flooring system. There should be no more than 1/360 deflection in the center of the span.

There are calculators to help with this. http://johnbridge.com/vbulletin/deflecto.pl

If the tiles are installed right on top of plywood or OSB, then the only solution is to remove and replace them. Wood moves with temperature changes and humidity swings. The cement backer boards help stabilize this movement.

As far as the squeaks under the carpet I would have a carpet installer roll back the carpet room by room while you have someone (or yourself) snap some lines where the floor joists are, and re-nail with ring shank nails or screw it down every 3". This should get rid of all the squeaks!


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