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should I use Gorilla Glue to fix a loose chair?

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I have a chair that has a loose cross rung and it needs to be re-glued. I have heard that there is a new glue called Gorilla Glue.

Is it used for this? Will it hold?

Thank You for any help..
I think Gorrila Glue is an excellent choice for putting your chair back into shape!

Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane glue especially designed just for wood. Its features are:
1) It's solvent free
2) It's 100% water proof
3) It has a twenty minute open working time, which is much longer than most polyurethane adhesives. This means you have more time to fuss with clamps etc.
4) It works great on end grain
5) It works on oily exotic woods such as teak.

Gorilla Glue needs to be clamped to adhere, so it works best on joints and flat surfaces. It is an extremely sticky glue, that expands with moisture, and if not used carefully can get pretty messy. Most carpenter wood glues Like Titebond, clean up with water. Gorrila Glue doesn't. It does clean up with denatured alcohol and some other solvents, but it is toxic to touch and ingest so I do not recommend for children use it.
I should also point out that if the cross member that is coming out is a very loose fit, then there is no glue that will hold well. There are a number of ways to repair this too.

In all cases below, lightly sand the hole or dowel if it is the original to get off any old glue. Glue works best when it is clamped, so if you have a clamp use it, or tie some sash cord around the 4 legs. Then tie a piece from the center between the legs across to the other side. This will clamp the legs until the glue dries! Remember to wipe off excess glue while wet!

1) If the cross member is over 3/4" in diameter, you could carefully cut off the doweled end and drill it out to the next larger size. Then drill out the leg to the same size. Cut a piece of hardwood dowel to fit and glue away.

2) You could drill out the leg hole to fit a hardwood dowel and then re-drill it again after the glue has dries to fit the existing cross member.

3) If the cross member has only just come out of the hole and is not loose, just pull it out as far as you can and squirt some carpenters glue in.

You need to look at the broken or loose part and make that big decision. What you think will work the best with the equipment you have available to you.
Could he fill the hole with a sawdust and glue mixture and then cover the dowel with glue and shove it in?
The mixture of sawdust and glue will prevent the end of the cross member from going in all the way. It will bunch up at the bottom of the hole and then will stop the 'shoveing in' part!

If it is only a little loose then the Gorrila Glue will work OK because it expands slightly and will take up some of the space. BUT it will need to be clamped remember... or it may push the parts apart!
I have used Gorilla-Glue before and boy does it hold awesome!

Got to watch out for the squeeze out though.

I have also used Polyurethane caulk for larger projects. It is the strongest adhesive I have EVER used!


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