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Who should get the building permit?

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I want to do an addition to my house, and was wondering who would pull the building permit for this?

I am going to hire a concrete contractor for the foundation and a carpenter to do the 'shell'. I will need to hire an electrician for the electrical work but plan on doing the rest myself.

Would I be able to get the permit or would the carpenter need to have a builder’s license and get it?

Also who gets all the other permits like for the foundation, electrical etc...?

Thanks for your help!!
It sounds like you want to be the general contractor for this project, since you are going to hire the concrete, framing, electrical and plumbing sub contractors. So YOU would get the general building permit.

Any sub contractors you hire that need permits THEY would get their own, such as plumbing and electrical. The foundation is included in the general building permit.

In most states, the homeowner can get the general building permit. You would need a set of plans, sometimes the site surveyed, and some money.

You could have the carpenter get the permit under his license, but most won't do that unless they are hiring the other subs too, because they would be responsible for them.

All these laws are slightly different from state to state and even town to town in the same state. So check with your building inspector. They are generally very helpful to get you started and will tell you exactly what you need. Call and try to set an appointment for all your questions when it is convenient for him/her.
I would get the person building the 'shell' get the permit. I would never feel comfortable getting the permit myself. If there is some kind of problem, who would I turn to?
Also make sure they all have insurance too!
Depending where you live, you may want to hire a Building Permit Expediter. They can help you get a building permit. They know where to get the correct information so you can get a building permit. They know all the right people to contact to expedite the permit process!

Check it out on the web to see if you are listed city / town.
It depends. Do you want to bear the responsibilty? As the owner you have the ultimate responsibility - The buck stops here idea. However, whoever signs for the permit is responsible to the building department and licensing authority to see that the codes are met. You may not have recourse against a sub if you are the permitee. On the other hand if the contractor walks off the job or disappears in a tiff with the permit in his name you have a new problem. You would have to get another permit (more money) to finish the job legally. If you want to be the boss - go ahead, but if not (be just the owner) pay the contractor, be coperative and don't get in the way unnecessarily. Do your thorough research on your contractor before you sign the contract. Do not have buyers remorse.


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