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Cistern or well?

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What is the best cistern to get, what size?

How much are they approx? What is their life expectancy? Are they worth it?

Is a well better? How much to dig and prepare a well? Is this better in the long run than a cistern?

Do the manufacturers/well diggers hook up the pipes, etc to our home...or is this the responsiblity of someone else?
Here is some costs for the tanks alone. From what I have asked people about, they last a very long time. Just the roof collection would need maintenance.
galvanized steel $225 for 200 gallons $950 for 2000 gallons
polyethylene $160 for 165 gallons $1100 for 1800 gallons
fiberglass $660 for 350 gallons $10,000 for 10,000 gallons
fiberglass/steel composite $300 for 300 gallons $10,000 for 5000 gallons

The larger sizes need to be installed with heavy equipment too. This does not include anything else like overflow diverter, digging piping, setting up the roof system for collection etc. I would recommend using for non potable only unless there is some sort of filtering / testing equipment installed.

You need a pump and a pressure tank for either system.
Some well diggers will have someone do the connections or you could get a plumber to do the piping.


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