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Changing a mailbox lock

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The mailboxes for my condo are out by the curb. I call them "pigeon holes." There's about 50 individual locked boxes in a little structure. Of course the lock on my box is getting harder and harder to open and the property management company says it's not their responsibility to replace it. *sigh*

The lock is so flimsy it could be opened with a hair pin. How hard would this be for me to repace? I'm thinking there's just one screw in the back of the lock. Unscrew that, pop the new lock in, tighten the screw and I'm done. Yes? No?
That sounds about right. Open the door and look at the back side to see if there is a screw there. Sometimes it is a spring clip that slides in from the side into a slot on the lock held in by tension or a screw. You could always ask the locksmith where you buy the lock!!

Option 1; You will need the manufacturer of your pigeon holes so look before you go. There must be a name plate somewhere.

Option 2; If you can see how the lock comes out easily, then you could take it out, go to the locksmith, and show them the type / style. That way they can match it up so you get the exact right one.
I looked last night at the lock. There is no screw on the back. There is a just a small hole--looks like a special tool will be needed. My friend's husband does handyman work so I'm going to ask him to take a look at it.
My old partner has installed many of those pigeon hole mail boxes in apartment complexes and for condo's.

If you or your friend can't figure it out, let me know and I will ask him...
Two months later I post a follow-up......

Last week I said "what the heck" and sprayed WD-40 in the lock. Problem solved! Now I'd like to figure out why the previous owner (who is a cabinet maker and should know this stuff) never did it.
Good 'ol WD 40 !! I buy it by the gallon can and then use a spray bottle!! Of course the spray bottle is the one sold by WD40 and is in the shape of an old style oil can!!


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