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Kichler lighting fixtures

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I have heard that Kichler makes some nice fixtures. Do you know if all models have a good record? Do you know anyone who has had a good experience?

I'd be interested in knowing if Kichler is as good as, say, Hinkley.

Kichler does make a nice light fixture. They also make Tiffany style table lamps that are awesome. at a not out of this world price.

Carson & Co makes decoupage lamps that run around $1250.00
Schall Studio & Design makes ceramic lamps that cost about $500.00
Pablo Pardo makes contemporary styles that cost around $550.00
Meyda Tiffany makes Gallé lamps that run about $450.00
Meyda Tiffany makes reverse painted lamps that cost about $300.00
Meyda Tiffany makes reproduction Tiffany lamps for about $500.00
Susan Kinzig designes lamps with silk shades for about $600.00
Spinning Aspen Studios makes wooden lamps and shades for $200.00

This is just a taste of what is out there in high end lighting.


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