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Lightolier Lytecaster

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Lightolier used to be the best name in high-end recessed lighting for the home. Are they still the best? I am looking for some really nice recessed fixtures. Can I get them anywhere around here in the Boston area?
Lightolier has had a good reputation for a long time. Their designs may not be the latest and greatest in terms of fashion, but they are very dependable. Other good names in the recessed lighting category are Halo and Juno.

Now that the big-box stores like Home Depot and Lowes pretty much carry the worst, lowest-end of everything and they're squuezing out the little guys who carry all the good stuff, it's pretty hard to find high quality fixtures at reasonable prices.

Check around on the net; you'll usually find some good places at great prices. If/when you find a great deal, Give us the recommendation!


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