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Bathroom tub wall kits

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We removed the shower doors from our bathtub, and of cource, some tiles got damged. So, we are getting a wall kit, for around the tub and shower area, to put over top of the tiles. We are getting it in a couple of days. What kind of work are we looking at here? I assume we need glue? What about calking or some kind of tape for the creases? It is a 5 piece we are getting, so will be adjustable to the size of our area.
Any help would be appreciated!
There is an adhesive that is just for that purpose! There are several manufacturers;

Tub Surround Adhesive LN-915 by Liquid Nails
Nail PowerŪ Shower Walls & Tub Surround Adhesive by OSI Sealants
Dap Tub Surround Adhesive

All are formulated for use with plastic tub surrounds, and shower enclosures. They are ideal for drywall, plywood, hardboard, metal, and most other common building materials.

After the pieces are glued to the walls and has cured, then use a 100% silicone sealant on all the seams. There are mildew proof ones designed for kitchen ad baths. Some manufacturers are:

GE Silicone is durable, flexible, waterproof, & mildew resistant
Dap Kitchen & bath all purpose caulk is mildew & crack proof
Osi - Henkel Consumer Adhesives resist cracking and is mildew resistant

You will have to see what is available in your area. Read the directions on the tube for the cure time.


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