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Hi Guru!

With the oil prices rising, are their any goverment incentives
to help home owners revive their solar systems.

Ours is over 20 years old and would need replacing.
Is solar a thing of the past? When I questioned plumbers etc,
no one knew anyone in the area to evaluate it.
I thought at one point there were tax breaks for homeowners-
is that just for brand new installations?

Seems like people had good luck with them in the past, then it
all disappeared........

Is just my area in New England that has retired solar systems?

What's the scoop??? Wink

Hey that's a good question!

I would talk to a good tax guy and ask that question. I haveen't heard of anything lately, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything out there. Everyone I asked said they didn't know.

You know that guy on TV that has that government money book? The guy with all those question marks on his suit? Know anyone with a copy you could borrow to look that up? Maybe it's in there!

I think his name is Matthew Lesko and the book is called Free Money From The Government.


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