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What is a Spitzlift?

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Hey I heard someone talking about a lift called a Spitzlift on Cable TV. What exactly is it? How Does the Spitzlift mount? What will it mount to?

Any help will be awesome! Great forum by the way!
Wow you were here about 30 seconds before me!!

The Spitzlift is a lightweight portable lift system designed for your car, SUV, Van or Pickup. It has a mounting plate to be able to slide it into a reciever that would bolt to your pickup bed, OR you can just use your 2" reciever type hitch.

It has a lifting capacity of about 700 pounds but weighs in at just about 30 pounds and it folds up for storage behind your pickup seat!

There are 2 models to choose from. A 3' and a 4'. The 4' model is designed to reach higher to lift taller items.

Here is a picture of it in action:
Can you use it to hoist the engine out of the truck on which you've mounted it? Very Happy

In other words, will it reach over the truck and lift it's own engine out?
Look at the pictures! It's about 4' long. I guess if you had a real short truck.. Or a hitch in the front!

I saw this on that show called Trucks, and they do lift an engine from the ground into the back of the pickup.


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