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water based paint stripper?

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I have been asked to do an outside project having to do with gutters.

The white trim on the brick house is in rough shape and it needs to be redone prior to the gutter work.

I'm a bit scared to use a torch or an electric heat gun like in the old days. Catching a bees nest or a birds nest on fire or some kind of a nest stuffed away in a facia or sofit could prove unprofitable.

So I was considering a water based stripper simply because of it's effect on vegetation vs. mineral based. Have you used any water based stripper that actually works?

I have no desire to sand the old paint off, I'd pass on the job before doing that. But stripping I would consider.

Thanks for any help
I would use OxyStrip 5570. It is in gel form, enviroment freindly , works great, will take off almost anything. Works on cured and old latex paint, alkyd paint, epoxies and urethanes.

Try it you'll like it!


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