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V28 Milwaukee tools

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I saw some awesome looking tools today and was wondering if anyone has any input about them. They are called The Milwaukee V28 system. They are supposed to be the most powerful cordless on the market?!

Thanks, any info will help
I went to Home Depot to check them out. WoW! Not too heavy, but very expensive. If you buy the tools from the kit separately over $1300.00 bucks. If you purchase the kit then around $725.00. You get a circular saw, hammer drill, Sawzall, light, two batteries and a charger and a case to put it all into. They use a lithium ion battery to get to the 28 volts. It is supposed to hold a charge longer and be about the same weight as an 18 volt system.
If you are a serious cordless user, then the Milwaukee V28 system is for you!


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