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Kreg Jig question

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I was looking at a pocket hole jig called the Kreg Jig. Is this any good? Can you give me any pointers? Where can I get one of these at a discount price?
I used to use a biscuit tool for all joining, until I discovered the Kreg Jig. It is much faster, easier to use, will join almost any where, and you don't need glue. The joint is very strong. I use it for all my face frame joinery when making cabinets. I will use it to join boards together to make wider boards, but only if the back side won't show.
The only drawback is one side will have those pocket holes showing. There are pocket hole caps and plugs available to hide them, but they are still there. If both sides will show I will break out the Lamello Biscuit Joiner.
As far as where to purchase... I would either go to the Woodcraft store nearest you or check out on-line stores.


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