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What brand hammer do you use?

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Hey Guru, what brand hammer do you use?

I need to go out and buy a new one because the handle keeps coming off the hammer head. So which one does, "TheGuru" use?

Thanks for helping us all out with your great wisdom!
Estwing is the only hammer I use. The Estwing company has awesome hammers. The balance seems right for me. The handle is forged as one piece with the head, so there are no worries as far as the head coming loose. Also even if you miss something and hit the handle it is steel so it won't break either. I like the ones with the leather handles my self, but there are composite handles as well. They also have hoe-picks, chisels, axes, and pry bars.
They just came out with a new weight forward design which puts more head weight out over the nail.
There are too many for me to list here go check them out!
I used a Estwing hammer for about 15 years until my wrist started bothering me. It is now relegated to the bottom of my tool box and brought out for forming work and removing nails and demo work. For nailing I use a Vaughn 999 20oz. smooth face. It is easier on my arm and does a great job with most nails. I have a corregated head hammer also but no longer use it. If you have proper hammer technique you do not need a corregated head. They ruin your technique and when you go back to smooth face you end up chasing the nail (bending them) when you should not. The larger weight hammers 24 oz and up are for gorillas not carpenters. I've use the 999 now for almost 30 yrs.


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