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What tape measure should I buy?

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I notice there are lots of different brand tape measures out there in the home centers. Which one do you think is the best?

Thank you!
I have way too many tape measures already. When they come out with a new one I always seem to buy it. Stanley Fat Max is my use it every day brand. It has a 1 1/4" wide blade that will stand out for over 10 feet, which is important to me when measuring things that are longer like 16' boards etc. But in the shop I like the FlatBack brand by Fastcap. They are flat steel tape measures that are easier to mark exact measurements when doing cabinet work. The tape is flat and will not stand out more than 1 inch though! There is room on the face of the tape to make marks with a pencil so I can figure out how to fit something or to make repetitive measurements. Also there is a white board on the side to write numbers as well as a built in pencil sharpener!


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