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We are building a house ourselves. We ordered and had delivered our drywall in the 48" x 8' size. The sheetrockers came by tonight and said we ordered the wrong size. We should have ordered 48" x 12'. They said with our 10' ceilings we will have a gap in the middle that they will have to cut. It will make for many more seams and much work. The problem is that we are not sure if Home Depot will exchange it. We will find out tomorrow. If they won't, are having more seams a disadvantage? Does it look worse? Will it look worse in the future? Any tips would greatly be appreciated.
Sorry for the delay, I'm a little under the weather...

Exchange if you can... The less seams there are the better the job will turn out.

doing the seams is a lot more time consuming than dealing with the longer heavier sheets. If you purchased the drywall from a drywall supplier, you could have gotten 10' sheets to do the walls!

My question is why didn't the person that said you got the wrong size, tell you the correct ones and the quantity to get in the first place???
Thanks for the info. We have a Mexican friends who has done much work for us. He said he had 9 or 10 guys to do the drywall and told us to go ahead and get the 48 x 8 boards because they were not as heavy. Well his Mexican friends did come by and check out the job. They did not like the size. Said they would be by anyway this weekend. Well they never showed up this weekend...obviously because they do not want to do the more labor intensive job. The man who told is to get the boards is going to send some labor to come help us get the wrong sheetrock back out of the house to send back. The return is going to cost us 160.00 Live and learn. Thanks again.
When I did my last drywall job I used a lot of 16 footers! They will go across most ceilings without a center seam!
A little hard to work with though!

When I design projects I try to think of the materials to be used or what sizes are available, and if possible, keep within that criteria. It just makes things easier later. For example, I don't like it when the ceiling is 16'2" from wall to wall. But sometimes it just can't be avoided.


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