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mineral clog in faucet

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My well water is high in minerals and also kicks out sand or magnesium bits. The kitchen faucet screens clog often. I can easily clean the ones at the faucet tip, but apparently there's a screen or some such further back as cleaning isn't helping anymore. I have a PP faucet, Price Pfitzer(?) high arch model. Here's my dilema:

On the handles I can flip off the top chrome cap and pull off the handle. Then I'm faced with the giant brass something with threads. How do I get that off without ruining the threads? I'm afraid to slap a wrench onto it and twist. Also which way to twist? What will I find afterwards and where is the other screen or possible clog?

the wench with a wrench
I would go to Home Depot or wherever else they are for sale in your area. Talk to the sales rep and have him show you how to replace the cartridges. This is the part that the handle screws onto. There should be some sort of large nut shaped area so you can twist it out. There are too many different models for me to explain exactly without looking at it. Home Depot sells Price Pfister as well as most of the important parts.

Have them show you how to do it! They will be glad to do that!
Good thought! I'll go tomorrow. Yes, I removed the black hex nut at the bottom of the threaded brass thingy. I was stumped from there.
Glad I could help!


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