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Roof Replacement and New Gutters?

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I have a small 1928 bungalow/cottage with hail/wind damage and needs a new roof. The house has a roof overhang with open rafters under the eaves. The roof pitch is probable 7 feet down from ridge to lower wall.

The gutters are the old fashioned triangular shape that sit on top of the roof overhang. The contractor says they may not be able to salvage the gutters because of deterioration under the shingles. He wants to put a facing board and place the new style gutters at the edge of the eaves. I think this will spoil the character of the house.

Also in extreme deep snow, I have had an ice dams on the roof that twice leaked down into the large window frames and the edges of the ceilings. Can you offer any suggestions for new gutters or insulation that will prevent the ice dams and keep the integrity in the style of the house. Also I need a source for ordering anything that would be custom.

Any information would be very welcome.
Thank you
I would make sure the roofer uses Ice and Water barrier under the felt paper for the lower 3 feet. If your overhangs are large, then you may want to go up another 2 1/2 feet or so. This will stop all ice dams. Also if you have any valleys, run some there too. This rubber bitithane is self adhering as well as self sealing. There are several other articles that discuss this in depth on this forum. Check them out!

As far as the gutters go, stick to what is common in your area. If you need to order something special, then you run the risk of not being able to replace a broken piece later if need be. There are several different options to hang the gutters. You can even install them without attaching them to the fascia at all using vampire hangers. These go up on the roof deck, under the shingles and are adjustable to different roof pitches.

Good luck, TheGuru


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