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Asbestos pipe encapsulation

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I was told that Asbestos pipe encapsulation policy in my area for contractors working with existing insulated pipe, is to encase the insulation with cheese cloth soaked in wall paper paste. Once dry painting it with a Latex Paint.

Do you know anything about this ?

A client who I may work for thinks that the insulation is asbestos. I don't think so, but she wants this ritual performed anyway, or some sort of encapsulation ( these are hot heating pipes ).

Thanks for whatever help you can give.
I have used a product in the past that is like a plaster coated mesh that comes in a roll about 6" wide and somewhere around 25 yards long, that you would cut into shorter pieces, put in hot water then carefully wrap the pipe. It then hardens into a cast like material. I can't remember the product name though.

Another method I have read is to make a solution of soapy water, spray the asbestos pipe wrap. Then take plastic wrap and cover the pipe completely. Then use a high quality duct tape to tape the ends. Then paint the taped areas with an acrylic latex paint.

I do know that encapsulating is only a temporary repair, as all asbestos will eventually have to be removed.


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