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Hard drive failure

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I have an older 1000 mhz computer with an 80 gig hard drive. It started to get flakey and make some noise. Now the computer won't boot up properly.

I guess my question is how can I get the data out of it and onto another new hard drive?

I have some knowledge of computers but not too much. If someone told me how to go about this I'm sure I could get it done.

I really don't want to take it to one of those data recovery places. That would be too expensive to recover some pictures and documents.
Wow only a 1000 MHz (or 1 GHz) LOL sorry I just had to say that!

See if you can boot up in safe mode. Hit the f8 hey after you turn on the computer until you get the black screen that will give you boot up options. Choose safe mode.

OK the hard drive is attached to a ribbon inside the computed which goes to the mother board. It is also attached to the power supply. Thatís it!

The new hard drive you get should have software to move data. If it doesn't work, then you will need to make a boot disk that will allow your CD to work. Once you get he boot disk to work, install the new hard drive just as your old one is installed. Remember to turn off the power, and touch the inside frame of the computer to discharge any static build up you may have.

Boot up with the disk in and then install windows and any other software. When done, power down, take your old hard drive and look at the jumpers on the back. Follow the diagram and set to slave. Install this drive to the other connection on the ribbon. Make sure the plug is in the same way as before. The number 1 on the mother board must be to the number 1 on both drives. No need to actually put the drive into the frame just let it dangle. Power up and windows should see this as a second drive with the letter 'D'. Explore and copy whatever you want!!!!

There is another way... If your computer came with a restore disk, you could try to restore it to it's out of the box state. BUT remember to do this after you get the data you want out because this will erase all during the restore process! If you have another computer you could try to get the data into that one with the method above. Then put it back into the original computer and try to restore it with your restore disks.

Good luck. This is ALWAYS a pain no matter what you do.


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