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What is a good hand plane?

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I was wondering what is a good plane to purchase? Stanley seems to be everywhere. Or should I upgrade to a bailey?

Stanley is the good 'ol standby. I have several that I would carry in my tool pouch to field adjust whatever I'm working on.
Stanley size 04 2" wide is about $45.
Bailey is a slight upgrade. As far as a 04 2" wide size they are about $60.
My favorite is the No. 4 Lie-Nielsen Bronze Bench Plane. At about $300. it is a little pricey but well worth it! It's so nice looking, you could almost put it in a case on your living room wall!!

There are tons of other brands that make lots of specialty planes too.
Kunz makes awesome small size planes.
Hock makes great replacement blades.
Clifton makes great rabbit and shoulder planes.
Lie-Nielsen has about 30 different models for every occasion.


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