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If someone wants a deck a few steps down from their house and their basement is half underground half above ground how do you attach the ledger board? Even in regular cases of attaching a ledger board how do you know if you're actually drilling into the rim joist of the house or not?
you can attach the ledger board right to the concrete. Drill a 1/2" hole right through and put in a big carriage bolt. Do this about every 16", one high and one low so the board doesn't cup. Mark out the floor joists before you start so they all will be in between.

the rim joist is the same height as the floor joists (2x8 or 2x10) and will be located just under the doorway threshold to the top of the sill plate. You can see the top of the concrete if you look up under the bottom of your siding you will see plywood. Pry this away slightly and the top of the concrete should be about 1/2" - 1" up.
Most towns require through bolting for the ledger rather than lagging. So ask your building department.


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