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How do I reduce noise levels inside my house?

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I want to accoustically isolate one room of a house where my kids listen to loud music. I saw a spot on TV about a product called QuietRock. It is supposedly an STC-51 rated wall board, although I have no idea what an STC-51 rated wallboard is.

Supposedly it will reduce sound 17dB more than standard 5/8 inch drywall.

I saw that it has a layer of metal inbetween two layers of drywall and that you need to use a saw of some type to cut it, but then I saw a video where they just cut and snap the Quiet Rock, so I'm a little bit confused. I think they called it QuietRock 525.
Quiet Rock is a ceramic-polymer-gypsum composite drywall. It can be scored and snapped like drywall but there are 4 different types of this product. I am not sure if all 4 can be cut this way. the highest rated is 1 3/8" thick, so I am assuming it HAS to be cut with a saw. It weighs about the same as drywall (the 5/8' type x) and will finish the same as well. It is supposed to reduce sound transmission about 70% over standard drywall. If you are going to install this OVER the existing drywall you will get even less sound transmission.

There is another company called: Sound Isolation Company. They offer sound barriers for all noise control applications also. Thiers is a different system that goes under the drywall to isolate the sound transmission through the studs. Check them out too!
There is another way too. There is a product called Homasote. It is made from recycled materials and is inexpensive. Is is designed to go under the drywall to isolate sound transmission. You may want to check out Homasote. I have used this product many times before and it works well.


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