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Thickness planer help

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I have a 12" thickness Planer and would like to plane some 3/8" thick boards down to 1/8". The directions say the thinest I can go is 1/4".
Can I go thinner without problems?

Yes you can!!
Use a sled. Take a piece or real flat wood, (plywood or another flat board) that is larger and longer that the piece you want to plane. Run the two together through the planer.

1) Take LIGHT passes below 1/4" and ALWAYS plane with the grain.
2) Do not stand behind while running it through in case a piece chips off and flies out the back.
3) If you want to get to 1/8" thick, I would suggest carpet tape to hold the piece to the sled a little better.

You might want to get a thickness SANDER to get boards that thin. There are lots of models to choose from. I like the Delta 31-250 or the Grizzly G0458. They are both open side sanders. That means one side is open and the board can be twice as wide as the sanding drum (which is 18") so you get a larger capacity.


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