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How to corectly set up a Thickness planer

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My thickness planer is a 2 knife Delta 12 1/2" Model TP400LS. can you give me any set up tips?

I am sure (well 98% sure) that the Delta planer has throw away blades. That means when they get dull they cannot be sharpened. You would just purchase new ones and install. They are double sided though so you get two uses out of a set.

The blades come indexed, so there is only one way and one position they can get installed. That way they should be in perfect position every time. MUCH faster than the Dewalt, which has thicker re-sharpenable blades. That's what I use and to set up the blades, I have to use a special magnet that clamps to the round head, and then the magnet holds the blade in precise position while I tighten the bolts.

The infeed and outfeed tables are important too. They need to be exactly even with the lower deck so the wood during infeed and outfeed will work properly. If the in and outfeed tables are out of adjustment you will get snipe across the end of the board about 3" in. Snipe is a groove made by the cutter after it leaves one of the pressure rollers and the board jumps up slightly.


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