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Programmable thermostats

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A friend was telling me that I could save lots of money installing a programmable thermostat on my heating and cooling ( HVAC ) system.

He has a heat pump set up which does both heating and cooling, I have an oil burner and a central air conditioner.

Is this something I can do myself, or do I need to hire an electritian or should I call my oil company?

You CAN do this yourself if you are a little handy!
The one thing you will need is the central AC wires and the heat wires to come to the same location. They will be installed into the same thermostat. OR you could just get two thermostats, one for the heating and one for the cooling. They are cheap enough to do that. I like the Honeywell brand the best (personal favorite) but there are lots of different ones out tere. The operate mostly the same way. You connect the wires that would go to the thermostat and then program the set back and daily temps. fairly easy as the newer ones come pre programmed with what they think is OK. of course you can change the temp settings and the times of set back. The cost from about $30 to $80. If you get one that will handle both heat and cool, you will have to switch from heating to cooling with a switch on the thermostat.


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