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I would like to start a jewelry repair business and I know I need some jewellery repair tools, like tiny tools, microscopes, diamond grading reference stones and stuff like that.

Any idea where I can get things like that?
There are lots of great resources for buying jeweler's tools online.

Are you planning on running your business in a retail store? Are you planning on doing it online? Have you had training in repairing jewelry?

Good luck with your plans!
I have a 32 oz hammer and some duct tape you could use! Laughing
I have some old jeweler’s tools in my tool collection. They all fit nicely into a nice wood box. There are very small screwdrivers, a bunch of small nose pliers, a stand with a magnifying glass, a bunch of files and stones. There isn't any soldering or brazing equipment there though.
Have fun with your new venture!


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