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Wood peckers are ruining my house! How to stop woodpeckers!

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I just recently found out about a couple of new prodcuts designed to scare away or deter woodpeckrs from ruining your house.

One is called the Attack Spider, believe it or not!

It drops down from the eves on a string and makes a noise and waves it's legs and scares the woodpeckers away. The birds-away Attack Spider runs about $15, and is less if you buy in quantity, for example: 12 spiders would cost only $120, or $10 a piece.

So if your house is being eaten alive, go and get yourself an Attack Spider!

You can also go with hanging netting from the eves, and hanging ropes and tin pans. You can build a nesting box for them, and hope they will like it better. You can build a drumming spot for them.

But I am going to try the Attack Spider. Anybody wanna go in with me so we can buy a case?
What is an Attack Spider?
Is it some kind of rubber spider that dangles on a string?
How big are they?
Do they move on the string you talk about?
The Birds Away Attack Spider is a battery powered plastic device that hangs on a hook. when a woodpecker makes a tap it triggers the device to suddenly drop down and make a loud noise at the same time. This will scare away the woodpecker!

You don't even have to climb a ladder to install it either! There is a tool called The Screw Up that will hold a hook with a magnet, will attach to a pole with threads like a broom handle. So you can install from the ground! How cool is that?!


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