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Tub only plumbing question

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Ok, we are getting back into the swing of repairing things around here
in hopes that we can sell this house.
I am having a bit of trouble finding a piece for my shower/tub. The faucet
dripped for a long time, and now it actually just runs constantly. It is
the hot side mostly, so aside from the water costs, heating the water it
is wasting is expensive too. I have the hot and cold handles and the
tub spout in the middle, but they are all in line. The ones at the home
stores have handles in line, but spout is either up or down. The part
behind the wall is what I need. The shower head is where it should be
but it does not come from the wall, it comes from the tub spigot. Am I
making any sense? I have the replacement handles and spigot, but I
do not know where to get the brass pipe that goes behind it. I was told
at the home store that those are no longer made. Can I take the old one
apart and maybe replace those guts or can I find a new one altogether?

Once again, I think this house is just too old to be fixed!
I will be glad for any suggestions!

The washer or seat is probebly damaged. Here is the text from the question just before yours....

Sounds to me the washer has deteriorated away..
First you need to turn off the water that goes to the silcock. If there is no shutoff then the house main will have to be used.
There is a screw holding the handle - remove screw and handle - and then there is a big hex nut (about 1 1/4" or larger) holding the 'guts'. Loosen, twist out and remove. There should be a rubber washer on the end of this held on with a brass screw. Carefully remove the screw (you can get new screws if it is bad) and replace the washer and screw. You can take the whole 'guts' piece to the hardware store to match them up (there are different size rubber washers). Look at where the rubber washer would go, there should be a small lip that would run around the edge, that holds the sides of the washer in while compressed. If this is chipped thatís why it failed. You can get a new retainer washer to repair the chipped one. The old one would need to be filed away smooth first (easy) then the new one (looks like a washer with a lip all the way around) goes under the replacement washer.
Now look inside the body of the faucet and try to view the 'seat'. It must be clean and not chipped all the way around or the new rubber washer won't seal properly. There is a special seat wrench (cheap) that will remove the seat part and that too can be replaced or filed smooth and put back in.
So after all this... put it back together and it should work!!

Your problem is similar. Under the handle there should be some way to remove the "guts" to get at the washer. you might need a deep socket or some other wrench to loosen it to take it out. Then take it to the local hardware store or plumbing supply to match up the washer or any other related bad parts.

Let me know how it turns out.!


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