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Taking interior walls down?

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I want to take a the master bedroom, currently occupied by 6 yr old daughter, her walk in closet and the hallway linen closet...remove the walls that join her room to these two closest.

Then knock into the kitchen to create her a new closest, which would remove the broom closet in the kitchen and the back door.

We want to take the lg window and make french doors to the deck instead.

My goal is to get a 2 smaller bedrooms out of the space...we'd need a window put in for the second bedroom...but there is a heat vent already in the walkin closet.

We have a lg main bathroom that might be able to reconfigure too to get some added space.

Can this be done? Our house has siding and I realize we need to fill in the door space and reside one exterior wall.

How expensive is jobs like this?

I want a 60/40 split in bedroom size, so it's a reg bedroom, then the second can be either a nursery or an office. This house really lacks space, and the builder made these rooms oversized instead.
You could do a lot of the work yourself to save some of the expense, BUT if you are not experienced in the structural design of walls and the like, you may want to consult a builder or structural engineer.
As far as cost, it's hard to really tell without looking, but removing some walls, adding a window and door, re-siding and interior finish would be around $10,000 or so. Flooring, painting, electrical and any plumbing would be additional.
Good luck! If you have any other questions... feel free!
Thanks, we couldn't much of anything without help. I really want to still do this, but with other things, it is now on hold and a dream.


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