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updating sliding closet doors

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I am a renter living in an apartment stuck in the 80's. Mylandlord has refused to update, but is allowing me to make a few changes. Do you have any suggestions for updating the sliding closet doors in the bedrooms? I'm wondering how difficult it would be to just paint them the color of the walls and update the door fixture. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sliders are easy to paint!
They are hanging from a track that is screwed into the wood above. They slide on this track with a bracket that has a wheel on the top. This wheel is adjustable up and down so the door can be made to hang and fit perfectly in the opening. There is a small guide screwed to the floor in the center of the opening that keeps the doors from swinging in and out and also from hitting each other.
The best way to paint the doors, is to remove them and lay them flat on some sawhorses or across a table. You could paint them in place, but if they overlap a lot, that is the hard spot to get at.
To remove the doors, unscrew the outer most screw holding the floor guide. The outside door now can swing toward you and be lifted off the track. There is a divider on the floor guide. Slide this out (some have a small screw) and swing the rear door towards you and lift off the track.

Paint away! Then put together in reverse!!

Remember, if the doors are stained and polyurethaned, I would prime with a stain kill primer first then two top coats. I like Kilz or Bin for the primer. Ask at your local paint store which would be best for you to cover the existing finish.

Have fun!


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