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I was wondering if there is a specialty paint that can be used versus the traditional tile for around the bathtub.

I was also wondering if a piece of safety glass could be placed on top of the painted surface as long as it is sealed around the edges?

We really don't want to use tiling because we have some great painting ideas. Your help is appreciated.
I asked around, and the general consensus is you CAN paint the shower area. There are several products you could use. Rust-oleum has a kit to paint your tub / tile but it only comes in three colors, white - almond and biscuit. I'm sure if you searched around you could find some other companies with more vibrant colors.

As far as the glass goes...
There is a risk that moisture would get behind the glass and fog it up. especially if it is an outside wall and it is cold outside. There could be a temperature difference from one side of the glass to the other and you could get a fog on the other side. No one seems to agree or disagree whether it would be OK or not. You would need to seal it all the way around.

How are you planning to fasten it to the wall? With the sealant?

Does sound like an interesting project though and I would be curious to hear how it turns out!!


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