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Cleaning brick

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How do I clean paint that has been splashed , dribbled, spatted onto a brick wall or siding of a house and keep the brick a uniform color
You could use goof off with a wire brush or a 3M pad, but then you would have to do the entire brick or it will look spotty. bricks are not all exactly the same in color anyway, so if one brick or two is slightly different it will still blend. Sandblasting is another way but that too will slightly alter the color AND maybe the texture.

I would try some different methods down low where it won't show too much and see how tough those bricks really are. You might be surprised and all will blend fine
The brick is red and yes there are different color shades, but the glazing of the brick is affected by abrasion.
I tried once the paint was removed to rub in some oil which did make it a little darker which what I was looking for but was wondering if there was a product, sealer that would help to disguise the clean up areas
There is a product called Dyebrick. They manufacture high quality brick tinting products.

There are a bunch of colors they offer so you could mix and match to achieve the desired finished look.

Dyebrick is sold on-line and they will ship worldwide. Dyebrick offers a lifetime guarantee Very Happy


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