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Finding Shelves for a General Electric Side by Side Refriger

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We have a GE Model TFH22PASM WW refrigerator. First a door shelf broke and now a drawer slider broke, both plastic pieces.
When trying to match a replacement part, several times we were sent the wrong item and had to keep returning even though we are sure of the correct Model and Serial Number. Still looking for replacement parts hopefully in the Springfield Massachusetts area where we can check for a proper match or other ideas.
I think you have the wrong model number... I looked at several parts places and the closest number is off by one letter
You wrote # TFH22PASM
The closest is TFH22PRSM

Maybe the A and the R are mixed up. There is a web site with pictures of the parts in question. See if they match your model. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for ya...



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