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Purchasing a Reliable Cell Phone

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Ever since I have had a cell phone I have been disatisfied with the more simpler features. Being able to hear the conversation with or without a speaker phone feature, but preferably with, and the phone's ability to hold a charge. Because I use the phone in the northern parts of New England as well as other parts of the USA, I opted to use Verizon as the server for the range of coverage. Unfortunately they far from provide the better phone product. With this in mind I would like an opinion on a good choice of Cell Phone. Motorola is not a consideration. i've had many of those and they are a poor product in my opinion.
Good question...
I checked around and found that Nokia has the highest ratings. They have 4 in the top ten wherever I looked or whoever I asked. Motorola only has 1 in the top ten and it is the razor.

I would definately look at the Nokia phones. I don't know which models are offered by which providers so I won't go into the different models.
FWIW we have had several nokia phones and they do well for
about a year, and then they no longer hold a charge. We
even traded one battery for the other hoping we could put
off having to get a new phone, and no luck. Sort of seems like
planned obsolescence to me. Maybe it's just that we aren't
buying top of the line, but who knows. I see they are rated
better in comparisons. Our reception and clarity was just
fine, they would just go from fully charged to totally dead in
a matter of minutes.

I have used Motorola for 6 years, and have never had a problem at all other than dropping the phone into the bathtub once... They hold a charge well, reception is great, and the phone construction has always held up well. I am a plumber so I don't baby my phones either. I get the one year plan and then get a new phone every year. Moto works for me!!


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