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Goldstar AC fan replacement

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Does anyone have any idea where I can get a replacment
fan for a goldstar airconditioner? I have tried searching
it online, and have come across some, but not the right
ones. The unit is only a couple years old, and worked
great right before we broke the fan. I have removed the
broken one - not really a big deal to replace it.
We called goldstar and they told us the part # and
everything, but said they could not sell us the part. The
only contact they were able to give us carries/repairs
goldstar, but not AC! They also would not sell us the
part. The heat is behind us, but now I'd really like to get this
either fixed or rid of the unit. I am just too cheap to let it
go I guess.

Have you tried Grainger? They have or can get a lot of those kinds of parts. You can go on-line to look, but you might have to call them or go to them and show/explain what the part is.
As far as I can tell they don't carry anything for goldstar at all.
Maybe I am looking at the wrong Grainger??
Anyone have a website for this?



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