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Weather Stripping a Solid Wood Exterior Double Door

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I have an Exterior Solid Wood Double Entrance Door. Both doors are hinged and open into the Interior. I haven't been able to find a weather strip kit of any type to weather strip these double doors. Any ideas.
And what would I need for tools.
There is a soft silicone weather-stripping. The Pemko S104D Silicone Kerf-in Weather-strip has a barbed leg running down it's length. It is designed to fit into a kerf cut into the stop molding. This kerf can be cut with the Pemko 640A Corner Grooving Tool. Dewalt also makes one with the same model number. It is a specialty tool just for cutting this kerf. You would use a 'T' astragal in between the doors which would be attached to the non active door or you could use two meating astragals with weather-stripping on each. The 'T' one would also have the kerf cut in and weather-strip installed. Pemko has a website you can use to check out the specs and prices. Or you could go to weather-strip.com and look there.
I'm trying to weatherstrip a double door and have a big gap where the astragal doesn't quite meet up with the decorative, curved threshold. Ideas?


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