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Is the Starter Defective

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Some time ago I had a starter installed in my 4 cylinder car. It is guaranteed for life, but the Labor is not. When I turn the key nothing happens but there is power going to the starter solenoid from the ignition passing through the park/neutral switch. When I jump the large solenoid bolt to the point where the ignition wire attaches , there is a spark, but nothing happens. I took it out and took it to a parts store. They tested it and said that there was nothing wrong with it. So I put it back in and it worked for a few starts and then the same problem occured again. If I hit the starter a couple times with a stick, the starter works again. I think that the starter definetely does have a defect. Have you ever heard of a situation where the armature has a dead spot or other defects that would prove the starter defective. I personally think that when I have to hit it with a stick that should be enough to question the starter's integrity
I have been in the battery industry for years. The brushes of the starter when hot are binding up the armature. If you bang on the starter or even poor cold water on it they will generally spin. This starter is defective and needs replaced. They aren't catching it because it is not hot when they test it. Have them test numerous times and get it heated up and it will bind again.
I've had a starter solenoid that occasionally needed to be whacked (OK, tapped) with a hammer to start.

I don't remember for sure if it was the starter or the starter solenoid that needed replacing, but if I was successfully tapping on the starter solenoid then it was probably the solenoid.
Yep replace the starter. There is probebly some sort of dead spot in the windings and when it comes to rest there, it will not get the correct voltage to spin up.
Just 2 or 3 bolts and a couple of wires to replace. Real easy if you have a lift in your garage like I do!!
Well, I took the starter back in for the second time insisting that they were not catching the problem with the test and they traded with me for a new starter , as it was under lifetime warranty. I installed it and all has been well


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