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mailbox leaking

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We have just installed a new galvanized mailbox and it has a problem. The last few days it has rained overnight and when we go to get the mail after noon, it is wet on the bottom of the box. The lid seems to be closing fine, any suggestions as to what our problem might be?
Check all the rivets where the back, bottom, and around the door. There has to be a hole that is letting the water in. Did you mount the box on a piece of wood that fits under the bottom lip? Did you screw it on from the 4 (or 6) holes on the sides? Water could be gathering on top of the wood mounting board and coming up through one of the rivet holes. Get a small tube of silicone and fill in any gaps or holes you see. Make sure all is dry first and try to do it right after the mail comes, so the carrier won’t disturb the sealant.


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