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Mobile home project: Floor Repairs.

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Hi Guru... I just bought an old mobile home as a project. My first project is to pull up the old floors in the kitchen and living room and replace it with new plywood, then build some kitchen cabinets, then lay down the laminate wood flooring. Well my questions are...

How do I pull up this old nasty presswood floor?
What type of plywood should I use? I got told 3 different things (1/2", 3/4", and 5/8" )
Should I lay my base cabinets or wood flooring down first?
There should be some screws holding it down. If there is a wood floor underlayment on top of a subfloor, leave the subfloor if it is in good condition. If the presswood is the only floor there you would have to replace it all. It may also be glued to the frame which may be either wood or steel.
You would replace it with the same thickness as you take out but if it is the only floor use 3/4", but I would steer clear of the particle board or presswood as you call it. Use tongue & Groove subfloor if it is the only flooring. If the bottom is exposed to the elements, then prime and paint it first.
Do all the floor repairs first, then install the base cabinets, then put in the finished laminate floor last. The laminate floor needs to expand and contract with the different weather conditions so remember to leave a space all around the edges. Finish off with some sort of quarter round or shoe molding to match.
Thanks... What you just told me is almost exactly what I thought I needed to do... I will keep you in touch as next weekend will be the start of my destruction process. Very Happy
Perfect! Have fun doing that project!
Looking forward to your progress reports too!
I just helped a friend do some work on his camper....
Remember to glue everything as you assemble. This will help avoid squeaks!!
Good point. Also maybe use screws, not nails....
WOW!!!! Glue... do you mean the wood glue or what kind? That is a great point...Thanks. I know to use screws instead of the nails but what size would you prefer on a 3/4" ply?
Again, thanks for all ya'll experience and opinions I really appreciate it.
I would use a heavy duty subfloor / construction adhesive such as OSI polyurethane subfloor adhesive, PL400, liquid nails heavy duty subfloor adhesive. These are in order of my personal preference...

The screws you use.... There are some questions....
What is the screw going into?
Are you screwing through the 3/4 to a wood deck, floor joists, or some sort of metel grid?
How thick is the material it is going into?
Are the ends of the screws going to be exposed to the weather at all?

If you answer those questions.... I can tell what type and length of screw!!! Very Happy
Well my remodeling has been put to a hold... I got started then fell through the floor and got quite a few stitches out of it. So thanks for all ya'll advice and opinions. I greatly appreciate and will keep all of it in mind.
Oh that's terrible!!! Ouch!!

But don't let the stiches keep you from doing this project. As soon as you're healed, climb back in that horse and get back to work!

Seriously though, I hope you're ok and recover well and completely.
Thanks...I plan on it. I feel better already my stitches don't come out til next week but Im going out there today. Very Happy
Yeah... Get er done!!!!!!!!!! Got my plywood floors down today and they look good already... Cool

We're going to need some pictures, you know! Wink
Glad to hear the floor is OK..... Laughing

Hope your stitches come out OK too....

Ron is right, we are going to need to see some pictures!

When I hit MY finger with a hammer I threw it away and bought a new pnumatic nail gun! Now I just shoot nails into my fingers!


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