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Clogged piping in a wall.

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The piping inside the wall clogs frequently in one section of our vaccum system. I believe we have a pen that got sucked into the piping that may be causing the clog. Is there a way to remove objects without ripping drywall and piping aprt?
I think it would be hard for a pen to get that far the way the system is designed. There is a real sharp bend right after the wall jack where you plug in the hose. If it was going to get stuck anywhere it would be right there. All the other elbows in the wall are much more gradual that that first one.
Is the pipe that clogs going between the first floor and the basement? You could replace that section without too much hassle. Some installers don't glue the fitting right behind the wall jack so replacing is fairly easy. You may also have a small hole in the pipe in the wall where items are getting stuck.
Open the wall jack with the power turned off... and use a small mirror and flashlight to look down the pipe to see anything there...


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