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Bathtub Spigot Removal

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We've gutted a bathroom for "almost" complete remodel. The bathtub fauset / spout is stuck and we can't get it unscrewed to replace greenboard and concrete backer board.... is there any special tool or "trick" that can help in removing it short of cutting and replacing the copper pipe it's attached to? We've replaced the valve stems and this is the last piece to get done before destruction becomes contruction...

I am assuming the faucet comes out of the tiled wall? Is there a way to remove the handles and then cut holes in the concrete board to go over? The tile could be layed out so there is a seam there so you would only have to cut a half circle to get the coverage. You could even put a seam in the concrete board there too if needed. Just remember to use the mesh tape over the seam for strength.
I cannot unscrew the bathrub spigot. The shower level is stuck in the up position. There is really no way to spray liquid wrench or anything else in there. How do I get it to unscrew? I haven't put the wrench to it yet, but is that the right answer?


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