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warped door

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I have an antique door I'm using as a wine celler door....It is now hung and the bottom is warped....Not on the hinge side but the other side...Can I wet it and brace it with a 2x4 for a week or so? Or do I need to put a latch there and then hold it with my foot to latch it? What about reframing the jam to accommodate the door. I really love the door and want to use it.
Thanks in advance......
If it is an old door it is pretty much set in it's ways and will be hard to un-warp.
I would remove the stop, (the part the door strikes against when closed) hold the door exactly where you want it, then re install the stop to meet the door. That way you have sealed the opening and you get to use the door you like!! If there is weatherstripping involved remember to allow for it's thickness, or pre install it onto the stop before it is installed.


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