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carpet padding sticking to hardwood floors

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carpet padding sticking to hardwood floors and now looks like black spots all over the floor. When you try to rub the stuff, it smears like tar. i tried a stripper but it is removing the shine from the floor and exposing the barewood which i dont want to do. It does remove the black tar like stuff from the old carpet pad but then it leaves light color spots on the wood. I tried just soaping up the floor and scraping it which helps get the stuff off the floor but the light color spots are still there. any suggestions? is there hope?
This is a post that I think helps with your answer. I would do some experimenting with different chemicals, like paint thinner, to goof off, to alcohol, etc. See which ones work the best for the sticky goo that you have. Read the other post carefully and you may get some good hints... here is the link to the beginning:

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:54 am Post subject: Beautiful Hardwood found under nasty pad


My husband used to be a floor tech for a high school in Kansas City. There, he discovered that if you mix amonia with HOT water.....


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