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how do I get rid of knats.

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Rolling Eyes I have knats in my house, or maybe its gnats, anyway, they come in the fall and stay all winter. Does anyone know what to do to get rid of them. thanks.
In what part of the world are you?
Are you sure that they are gnats and not fruit flies?
Do you buy lots of bananas and other fruits?
Where do you store your trash? Is it in the garage? The smell might attract them and when it's cold outside, in they come! Use some mild insect spray (away from the food !!!)
Sometimes I have seen where small flying insects come up through one of your drains, like under a sink or toilet or a floor drain. If the trap (which is supposed to be full of water at all times to prevent this sort of thing) is hardly used it can dry out and allow gasses and bugs to come forth. If you have a sink or toilet that is never used put a bucket down the drain every few weeks or so....
I'm also having difficulty with these gnats. They seem to be in the east-south corner and are getting through the screen. There color is black and if you look closely there are two black dots on their back. i live in IL, and want to leave my windows open but they bite!!!!

please someone help!


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