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Rotary Revelation battery replacement

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I need to replace the two batteries in my Rotary® Revelation watch. I just returned from the Boston watch hospital where they were unable to do so.

I think it is unreasonable to require international shipping for simple battery replacement.

The product page is here:

Thank you in advance!
Hi and welcome to the forum!

I'm not a watch expert by any means but there are some great watch repair places around Boston and if they can't do it, perhaps someone in New York?

There is
Alpha Omega Watch Express on Boylston St. That's kind of far though.

or there are lots of places that MIGHT be able to help at the Jeweler's Building at 333 Washington St. (that's not too far from the Watch Hospital on Bromfield) (I used to work in the neighborhood Wink )

Also, try This Google Search

Hope something helps... let your fingers do the walking .. use the 'net! Very Happy
Good Luck.


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