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RE: Paint off closet doors

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Moved into a house, the previous owners were sloppy w/ their paint job. Paint on closet doors. They are stained closet doors, what is the best way to remove the paint spots?
Well it would depend on the kind of paint the spots are. There are a lot of products designed to do just this. There is Goof Off, ( nasty chemical though) which will remove most dried paints and adhesives but not latex, there is Goof Off2, which is for dried latex paint spot removal.

You could use a Q-tip and try one spot that is not too visible and see how it works. Just try to get the chemical ONLY on the spot so you minimize damage to other areas. Use a knife with a curved blade to carefully scrape just the spot once the chemical has softened it.
Once removed you might have to touch up the area with some stain and poly to bring back the luster.

You could also try to just stain the spots to match the surrounding area!

I have had to deal with this on several different projects over the years and it is time consuming. But with a little luck and patience you will be successful!


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