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Odd-Sized Showers - Enclosures or Redo Ceramic Tiling?????

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I have two stand-up showers which are ceramic-tiled currently and need something done with them. They are odd sized. One is 33" deep and 35" wide and the other is 29" deep and 46" wide. Is it generally cheaper to get a shower enclosure or to just retile these showers. If the shower enclosure would be cheaper, can you give me any suggestions to get an "adjustable" shower enclosure, since the typical-sized ones won't fit. Also, any ideas on where to get shower doors - one is a hinged door and one is a sliding door. Thanks much for any help you can give to me! Deb
Shower kits are relatively inexpensive unless you go for the corian type material. That would cost about $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 for each shower just for the material. Acrylic or fiberglass is an option. You would have to go to a better plumbing supply house so they could look up the size that would fit your application. There are MANY sizes and manufacturers available.
Tile on the other hand is not too expensive unless you go with real fancy tile. You would need to go to a home center or tile store with the dimensions. They could tell you how many square feet of tile, mastic (adhesive) and grout you will need plus a few extra in case one cracks down the road. If the floor is ok and is not leaking it can be re-used.

Shower doors are available in MANY styles, sizes, colors, textures. Go to a shower door store in your area or ask at the plumbing supply house while you are there looking at shower wall kits!

One final note, if the walls under the tile need to be replaced, use the Durock concrete board or Hardi Backer board. You also might consider a new shower valve since the walls are open anyway. This would be the best time to do it.


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