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Flooring suggestions for DIY

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I've got 4 kids under 8 (very shall we say busy) boys... I'm in Florida and I'm trying to find a floor that they won't destroy.

We just pulled up the oldest nastiest carpet in the world over Terrazzo.

I'm trying to stay away from terrazzo, marble and tile because they are so hard and uncomfortable. They just kill me after standing on them all day.

I was thinking pergo, wood or bamboo flooring. Anyone have experience with this stuff is it durable with little kids? Plus I'm in S FL which means lots of sand and humidity. Is the stuff easy to install or should we really be seeking help?

Thanks for your input!!
I know you've just pulled up some nasty carpet, but are you completely unqilling to do carpet again?

What about planning for a harder floor, but with planned areaq rungs that can be taken up for "beating" and/or sent out for cleaning?
How about cork? There are some really lovely cork products
available, and even a couple DIY ones. I have never had
a cork floor, but I am planning it into my next kitchen. I
hear they are very comfortable, quite durable and easy
to maintain. I don't know if this is something the home
centers stock, but it sounds like it might be just the thing
you're looking for. I think it would be a great upgrade to
carpet or tile, and elegant looking to boot.



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