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want to replace old baseboard

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Hi Guru,

We're in the process of remodeling one of our bedrooms into a nursery. I want to tear out the old nasty baseboard, and replace it with something that looks a bit nicer, an dmore appropriate for our victorian home. The stuff we have now is basically just 7' wide planks painted. When we removed one to check what was behind it, there is basically just a space where the plaster was never attached to the support planks.

This leaves me with a problem. I want to use natural wood baseboard that can be stained, but I can't find any in a 7' size at my local retailers! We obviously can't go with a smaller width, as that would leave a gaping hole in the wall. The only thing I can find in the 7' width is the poly caseboards/trim which I don't want to use. I'm trying to get away from the painted trim look, which is in the rest of the house.

How do I solve my dillemma? Can this size of trim be special ordered? can I combine two pieces of trim to make up the width? HELP!


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